Orlaco Zoom Cameras

Orlaco offers various kinds of zoom cameras that can be used in vision solutions on machines and in maritime applications. All Orlaco Zoom Cameras provide the best possible image under the most severe conditions.

The Orlaco Zoom Cameras are available in a stainless steel and an aluminum version; this includes the fixed Auto Focus Camera (AF Zoom), the Pan and Tilt Zoom Camera (PTZ) and the Dome Pan and Tilt Zoom Camera (Dome PTZ).

Orlaco AF-Zoom Cameras

The Orlaco AF Zoom Camera is a sturdy 36x optical zoom camera. This camera can be used in serial vision solutions on cranes, vehicles and vessels. The camera is shock and vibration-proof, filled with nitrogen, 100% waterproof, has heated lens glass and provides the best possible image in all weather conditions. In addition, the camera has a 0 lux night vision mode and a built-in brightness function for improved view in dark situations.

The powerful camera, with an overall 432x zoom (36x optical and 12x digital), is available in an aluminum as well as a stainless steel version. Both versions are suitable for Orlaco Standard RS232 (Pelco-D/Visca) or RS485 (Pelco-D/Visca) communication. You can communicate with this camera from a serial Orlaco monitor (zoom). You will need a serial Orlaco monitor to do so. Other than connecting it directly to a serial Orlaco monitor, there are many other options for controlling and connecting it to third-party systems. If you would like more information please contact Forum Security.


Technical Specifications:

Input voltage 12..24V/DC (<50m cable)
Connector Orlaco 7-pins male
Cable Including multi cable
Vibration resistance 50G
Protection class Watertight IP69K
Operating temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions 260 x 140 x 122mm (without bracket)
Weight 2.6kg (aluminium version) ; 5.1kg (S/Steel version)


The Orlaco AF Zoom Camera is available for PAL and NTSC (video format/standard), in aluminum or stainless steel housing, and in a version that is suitable for RS232 (Orlaco standard) as well as RS485 communication. The 0103511 does not have a connector; it has five meters of cable with connection wires. If you would like more information, download the technical documentation (pdf) or contact Forum Security