Orlaco FAMOS Camera

The new Orlaco FAMOS Camera is an extreme sturdy, compact industrial camera that can be used in virtually all vision solutions on machines, vehicles and vessels. The Advanced CMOS sensor camera is shock and vibration-proof, 100% waterproof, has heated lens glass and provides the best possible image in all weather conditions. In addition, the integrated Safety ticker detects 'frozen' images, so that you definitely know that the camera is active.               

The new FAMOS cameras are characterized by hardware enhancements. The redesign has reduced the number of parts, which has increased the reliability of the camera further. This has allowed the camera to achieve the highest EMC standards. With its advanced CMOS sensor, the camera has a light sensitivity of 0.05 lux. The new lens in this camera has heated glass as standard, with a special hard coating to prevent scratches.

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage 12..24V/DC
Connector Orlaco 4-pins male
Cable 0,5m multi cable
Light sensitivity <0,05lux
Vibration resistance 50G
Protection class Watertight IP68 & IP69K
Operating temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Housing High impact automotive synthetic thermoplastic polyme
Dimensions ø55mm
Weight 0.21kg



The FAMOS Camera is available in various apertures (measured horizontally in degrees), PAL or NTSC (video format/standard) and as MIRROR (image displayed in mirror image). If you would like more information, please contact Forum Security.