Orlaco AMOS IR LED camera

The Orlaco AMOS IR LED day/night camera is available in different versions depending on the application and your requirements. All of the cameras offer a next generation, very light-sensitive Advanced cMOS sensor (AMOS) that guarantees excellent image quality.


The AMOS IR LED is a day/night camera with a 4-pin Orlaco connector and is suitable for all Orlaco UNI vision systems.

AMOS IR LED Communicator

The AMOS IR LED Communicator is a day/night camera with a 7-pin Orlaco connector with programmable features such as guidelines, fisheye correction, mirror-image display, a digital zoom function and text insertions. This camera is suitable for all serial Orlaco vision systems.


Technical Specifications:

Input voltage 12..24V/DC
Connector Orlaco 4-pins male
Cable 0,5m multi cable
Light sensitivity <0,05lux
Vibration resistance 50G
Protection class Watertight IP68 & IP69K
Operating temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Housing Anodised aluminium
Dimensions ø55mm
Weight 0.3kg



The AMOS IR LED Camera is available in various apertures (measured horizontally in degrees), PAL or NTSC (video format/standard) and as MIRROR (image displayed in mirror image). If you would like more information, please contact Forum Security.