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Wireless Alarm Systems

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Ajax protects your family, business and farmers from burglars, fires, and leakages. If trouble comes, the system immediately activates sirens, notifies users, and requests help from an alarm response company.
Spotting intrusion
Preventing fire
Verifying alarms with photos
Supporting security cameras
Executing automation scenarios One facility means one security system. To make this statement true for massive-scale productions, warehouse complexes, and multi-story business centre’s, we’ve developed ReX: a radio signal range extender. ReX doubles the Jeweller communication range, boosting the coverage of one hub up to 16 km².
Hub 2 and Hub Plus central panels support five range extenders in one system, covering up to 35 km². Hub / Hub 2 / Hub Plus up to 12 km²
Hub + Rex up to 16 km².
Hub 2 / Hub Plus + 5 ReX up to 35 km².

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Visual Alarm Verification

MotionCam detectors accelerate the process of confirming alarms.
The moment someone enters a secured area, the detector makes
a series of photos. Ajax delivers the first snapshot within 9 seconds following the motion alarm. To ensure privacy, MotionCam activates its camera only when triggered.

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Hub is the control panel of a security system.
The hub manages all Ajax devices, arms and disarms the property, and in case of a threat, notifies an alarm response centre as well as you.
The hub manages all devices within the security system. It notifies users and an alarm response company about any threats instantly.
The use of two-way communication allows hubs to send alarm signals, configure devices remotely, and constantly monitor the system’s state.


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hub 2



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Intelligent radio signal range extender

ReX boosts the range of all devices in the system and establishes a reliable link between them and the hub. Hub 2 and Hub Plus support up to 5 ReX, which allows them to cover up to 35 km² and protect extra-large premises: mansions, warehouse complexes, multi-story business centers, and massive productions.

Maximum Performance

Transmits alarms in 0.3s Communicates with devices at a distance of up to 1,800 m.
Controls an autonomous sub-system of devices if connection with the hub is lost.


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You can set up MotionCam at a distance of up to 1700 meters from the hub to establish visual control of the most critical areas. The new detector features a record-breaking operating efficiency with up to 4 years of battery life.


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MotionCam simultaneously uses two specialized radio protocols: Jeweller for sending instantaneous alarms and Wings for rapid image delivery. You’ll receive the first snapshot of the event within 9 seconds after motion is detected. As usual, the alarm notification will arrive in a split of a second, even if the signal is unstable.


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Wireless indoor motion detector sends an immediate alarm
to the hub when it spots an intruder moving inside the
protected property. An integrated pet-immunity algorithm
minimizes the risk of false alarms triggered by pets.


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Wireless motion detector with microwave sensor that notifies the owner of first signs of home or office intrusion. Designed for rooms with air conditioners, fireplaces and where there is a likelihood of light flickering, glare and reflections.
Uses microwave and PIR sensors to filter environmental interference.Designed for rooms with air conditioners and fireplaces

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ajax combi protect

Wireless combined motion and glass break detector.
The device helps to secure the room from intruders entering through doors and windows, and monitors the current state of the glass. Communicates at a distance of up to 1,200 m from the hub.
Detects motion at a distance of up to 12 m.
Detects glass breaking at a distance of up to 9 m.
Delivers an alarm signal within 0.15 s


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Wireless magnetic opening detector
Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window. It can be mounted on all types of doors including a metal base.


ajax door project plus

Wireless opening detector notifies of first signs of intrusion into the room through the door or window.
It is installed even on roof windows which can be left open when leaving the house.


ajax glass protect

Small wireless detector that notifies of glass being broken by intruders.
It is installed at a distance of 9 m from the window and filters events that cause false alarms about breakage.
Communicates at a distance of up to 1,000 m from the hub
Detects glass breaking at a distance of up to 9 m
Delivers an alarm signal within 0.15 s


ajax outdoor motion sensor

Wireless outdoor motion detector with anti-masking and pet immunity

Wireless outdoor motion detector sends an immediate alarm to
the hub when it notices trespassers. Digital signal processing
algorithms minimize the risk of false alarms and help the detector
to ignore pets. The device operates even at extremely high or low
temperatures. Its body is protected against dust and splashes.

MotionProtect Outdoor detects trespassers on the secured territory.

The detector is engineered to protect exteriors of houses, storage facilities, delivery zones, and restricted areas.

Using LISA digital algorithm, detector ignores pets and waving branches.

Intelligent anti-masking system


image anti masking

An outdoor detector is an easy target. During the day when the system is disarmed, intruders may damage the sensors or block their view to gain an advantage in trespassing at night. To prevent the cases of sabotage, we’ve equipped MotionProtect Outdoor with a tamper button and an advanced anti-masking system that can remain active 24/7.

The anti-masking system in MotionProtect Outdoor calibrates automatically by analyzing the surrounding area when mounting the device onto SmartBracket. Then, if an obstacle appears in the field of view of anti-masking sensors or if they are painted, the detector quickly notices sabotage and raises the alarm. Moreover, a sensitive tamper is immediately activated if someone attempts to dismount the detector from SmartBracket.

ajax fire detection


ajax fire protect

Wireless smoke and heat detector with sounder.

Wireless fire detector quickly detects smoke and sharp jumps
in temperature to raise an alert in case of danger.

A built-in siren generates 85 dB at a distance of 1 m to warn those who are nearby.


ajax fire protect plus

Wireless fire detector with temperature and carbon oxide sensors that monitors security in the room twenty four hours a day and immediately notifies of dangerous CO levels, smoke and sharp jumps in temperature.



The detector is vigilant 24/7. If water touches even one of the four pairs
of contacts, LeaksProtect sends hub an alarm. Moreover, when the area
dries out, it registers the situation and automatically cancels the alarm.


ajax wireless keypad

Arm the premises, open gates, and turn the lights off with one tap. And if you are threatened, use the panic button to call for help and notify your family about the danger.


space control button

Space Control Remote

A key fob for controlling security modes. Features a panic button for sending alarms to your inner circle and a security company in case of trouble.


double remote button

Double Remote Button

Double Button supports confirmed alarms. This feature implies instructing users: what sequence of presses is required to generate a confirmed alarm condition. It gives a 100% guarantee that a hold-up alarm was raised intentionally and only by an authorized user.

wireless remote

Wreless Remote Button

Wireless panic button / remote control for scenarios.

In case of emergency, Button can instantly alert an alarm
response company and system users about danger.
Alternative control mode enables to control lights, home
appliances, roller shutters, locks, and gates.


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